Bizgram Asia is Singapore brand established since the year 2003 fully owned by Singaporeans by the people and for the people.

We offer all kinds of supplies of IT Hardware peripherals , accessories , parts , repairs for desktops , laptops , servers , data centers , government projects , tender , export supplies and more.

We export all computer parts , servers , network switches , components, data devices to several countries including Hong Kong , Indonesia , Malaysia , Vietnam , Japan , Australia , Taiwan , China , Seychelles , Mauritius , Mexico , USA , France , Italy , United Kingdom , UAE , Dubai , Germany , Austria , Belgium, Spain , Malta,  Romania , Croatia , Russia , Ukraine , Estonia , Iceland , Portugal , Greece , Poland , Hungary , Belarus , Norway , Albania, New Zealand , Papua New Guinea , Fiji , Sri Lanka , Madagascar and more.

We also provide hardware for CCTV , data forensic , cloud systems , cloud software , SAAS,  cloud antivirus , cloud security , Microsoft Services , Microsoft Business Central , LS Central POS , Omni Channel marketplace integration , security systems , monitoring and enhanced secure AI devices for Artificial Intelligence for data mining , crypto , fintech , data devices , data services , compliance data systems and more. If you have any specific brand or product which you may need and not available in your country then you can order via our company and it can be fulfilled in Singapore. We have also partnered for VOIP services for 3CX cloud based hosting for clients to engage on own PBX IP Systems.

We also provider and have own several projects on Hotel , Dorm , Student Hostel management for Wi-Fi Broadband Internet as a service and also own infrastructure with IMDA licensed SBO Licence program to host and manage Wi-Fi Broadband Internet with exceptional team managing is 24/7 in Singapore for over 2000 apartments across the island in partner with FBO TELCOs Singtel / Viewqwest / Starhub / SPTel / M1.

Our corporate team is ready with Gebiz / Sesami / Ariba / Vendors@GOV and more renowned institutions and companies buying on bulk from our warehouse and stores. Reach out to us over email or whatsapp and we will do our best to cater to your needs.

ProductsWe provide and supply over 20,000 products from over 200 vendor and brands across the world. Items are procured worldwide to fulfil demands as per project.
Desktop RepairOur Service Centre caters to all kinds of repairs for Desktops / All in one PC / Servers along with upgrading process at reasonable costs.
Laptop RepairOur Laptop Service Centre provides repairs and upgrades services for any models of laptops.
On-SiteWe have recommendations for 3rd party on-site management / repair / upgrade services available.
Data Centre ManagementWe are able to provide complete DATA Centre hardware from cables , management tools , racks , servers , UPS , SAN , Network Storage
Wi-Fi ManagementWe are able to provide complete solution for Wireless Setup for Hostels , Dormitories , Schools , Colleges & Offices
Disaster Recovery Emergency SuppliesIn case of any disaster or damage of equipments , we can open our warehouse 24/7 to provide the replacement hardware if we have stocks. You need to be a registered client to avail this support. There is no monthly or extra fees.
24/7 Emergency Supplies24/7 Supply of products for existing registered clients for projects , Gov Agencies , Tenders, Disaster relief , Health Authorities , Logistics or any kind of failure.
Cloud ServicesWe are able to provide services and solutions for Microsoft Azure , AWS hosted applications or even Network Storage for your private cloud in office or home. You can also replicate tour backup to home > office cloud systems.
CCTVWe have complete range of CCTV products for Home / Office / Large Size Buildings from IP Camera / NVR / DVR / NAS / Cloud Systems.
ExportWe export computer hardware , parts , mobile accessories , printers , monitors , desktops , laptops , telecom hardware , wifi equipments , radio wifi products to various nations. We serve many island nations across the globe. Contact us for your requirements of IT related hardware.
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